Holly E. Gibbs


Holly Gibbs (The Red & The White Queen) is thrilled to be involved with her second Collaborative production here at FPCT. The first was the box-office smash, The 39 Steps last year. Some favorite past roles include: Veronica Novak in God of Carnage, Shelby in Steel Magnolias, and Constanze in Amadeus. Holly earned her BA in Theatre at Goucher College and has performed on many of the area's stages including Single Carrot, Spotlighters, and DCT. Look for her later this year in the BSF production of Love's Labour's Lost, where she will be playing the fantastical Spaniard, Don Adriano de Armado. Much love to KC.

Quick 3 with Holly:

1) Which is your favorite character to portray and why?

I am really enjoying the White Queen at the moment. I was, at first, most excited about the Red Queen (I mean, come on! Talk about an iconic character!) but after digging into the part of the White Queen, I am most enjoying that particular character at the moment. I made a bold accent choice at a rehearsal that has made for some really fun moments. She has a slow, southern drawl that allows you to really enjoy the vowels in the text, and she's very infatuated with herself and her appearance. It has been fun exploring her existence in this World and how she serves the story and furthers the plot.

2) What is your favorite scene or line from the play and why?

"I have believed in as many as six impossible things before breakfast." This is the crux of the entire story to me. The White Queen asks Alice to simply let go and believe in the absurdist world that is Wonderland. And the audience should do the same. Relax - and go along for the zany ride!

3) What is the most challenging portion of this play?

Thus far, the most challenging is the French Mouse in Scene 3, the Balloon Princess. The script calls for the mouse to be French, but I have never been in a show that required me to do a French accent! Finding the physicality of the mouse - along with the accent - has been most challenging for me thus far. But I'm enjoying it all the same.