Nick Fruit


Nick Fruit (Caterpillar) is eager to make his debut at The Collaborative Theatre Co.. Local credits include: The Zero Hour (Doug) Rocky Horror Show (Brad) Wild Party (ensemble) with Iron Crow Theatre. Nick is a recent graduate from Towson University and is very grateful for his roles here with The Collaborative.

Quick 3 with Nick Fruit:

1) Which is your favorite character to portray and why?

I really enjoy the Dormouse. He's little and sleepy, just like me!

2) What is your favorite scene or line from the play and why?

"Who are you?" -The Caterpillar This is some pretty profound s&^%! The most important question to human existence: WHO ARE YOU? The Caterpillar asking the questions that matter!

3) What is the most challenging portion of this play?

The members in the ensemble all play several different roles. This gets pretty challenging and requires a great deal of vocal and physical clarity. We want to make sure each character is unique and different from the next.